Ignite the love of learning in your child!

LifeQuest Academy™ launched in August 2008 at The Gathering Place. LifeQuest Academy™ is a K-12 alternative private school designed to ignite a love of God and a love of learning in your kids. Families can take advantage of a complete private school education at an affordable price.


Our Core classes consist of Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and History. Our Elective classes have included a wide variety of disciplines including art, music, drama, science and technology, critical thinking, computer design and robotics.


Our classes are also available a la carte to home school students who are registered with the county, or under a private school covering.


LifeQuest Academy is a K-12 alternative private school, geared toward training up each child to fulfill their God-given purpose.


Our experienced teachers provide a solid core academic program, using innovative teaching methods and customized plans for each student. Every child is invited to succeed through hands-on interactive learning.


We believe each student is an individual, with God-given gifts that should be developed. When students are encouraged to pursue their passion, they love to learn. Each student can discover their talents through a wide range of elective classes.


LifeQuest Academy partners with families to provide an excellent education, at an affordable price. Our families are actively involved in the education of their children. Students attend on-campus classes 1 to 3 days a week. They complete Off- Campus Class Work at home.