Elective classes: 6th. – 12th. Grade


Students will learn speech, drama, improvisation, comedy, and stage direction in this Acting class. They will have opportunities to perform throughout the year.

Artist Studio/Advanced Art

Fine tune previous art experience in this advanced art class. Students will learn advanced drawing, painting, sculpting, and various media techniques with Art History weaved throughout the course.

Bible Adventures

Middle school students will compete in Bible knowledge by exploring biblical characters and principles.


This basic beginning journalism course will teach all aspects of journalistic writing by learning about the history of mass media and its effect on society.  More importantly, students will learn practical journalism: how to gather information, interview effectively, and write professional straight news stories.

Life Skills

Life skills give young people the ability to set goals, budget, and develop the responsibility to thrive wherever life takes them.

Video Editing

Learn start-to-finish video production by planning, creating, and delivering movies virtually anywhere, using Adobe Premier Video editing software, the PC equivalent of Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action! Students in this class will learn all about lighting systems and video production integrated with computer programs such as Adobe Premier Video editing software.

Worship Team

Drum roll………. Calling all singers, guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboard players, and other musicians- it’s time to make some noise! This is not your typical band class. Students will learn to sing and play the latest styles of music as they worship God.


This course is designed to turn students from novices into competent scholastic journalists by working on the high school newspaper, and E-News.